An evening at The Laundry with the Anywhere Collective



Thank you for showing up. We hope you connected with others in meaningful ways.

For us, that’s what it’s all about. Connection and community. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about both. We’re playing the lead role in our own great epic. But others are too, passing alongside in their own spheres and streams, rolling and crashing and flowing through the trees.

We all seek moments that feel a little less lonely. To know that we aren’t crazy; that there are others like us out there, hoping to make time stop for just a second. It is these moments that create the fragile filaments that weave us together, as we reach across dark chasms for flickers on the other side.  It is you, shiny people, that make this, this.

This can happen anywhere.

Thank you, for having been here.
The Anywhere Collective