You can do this anywhere.



To fight loneliness and help others remember their full potential.

We achieve this by creating safe spaces where people can show up fully and connect meaningfully with others. Where play, collaboration, and connection is at the heart of things.

Today, we need this type of design more than ever before. Loneliness is a real thing.

But there’s hope.

We believe


Strangers are just friends you haven't yet met.

It’s human to feel like we’re the protagonist of life’s great epic. Like we’re at the center of the universe. But everyone around us is living just as rich and complex of a life as us. They’ve got the crazies. Just like you. They’re totally dynamic. Just like you. And they’re the star of their own play.

How might we break down walls between people and build stronger ensembles of vibrant characters?




Together, we can build new realities.

It’s easy to get caught in routines, patterns of thinking, and ways of behaving. As a result, we can feel lonely and trapped. At the core of experience design, however, is the belief that we can design more beautiful realities together. Magical worlds that help us reconnect with our inner child and see one another.

How might we imagine something more inclusive, safe, and inspiring for everyone?


Engineering serendipity can leave lasting marks on our hearts.

It can be tough to look up and see those around us. Our own neighbors, or even the people at our morning bus stops. We design collisions between people. Through dialogue, rituals, and shared experience, we bring people together in powerful ways.

What if we were to collide more with the people who see us, feel us, and want to know us?


Life shouldn’t just be lived. It should be designed.

When we shake things up and leave routines behind, we feel more, remember more, and think differently. We use design to make the mundane magical and curate wonder in a way that leads to powerful insights. We don’t just live life. We design memorable moments.

What if we could design more moments that would stay with us forever? 


“But we were never lonely and never afraid when we were together.”


Our story

Dr. Seuss was once challenged to write a children's novel in less than fifty words. He did, Green Eggs & Ham, and every word in it was monosyllabic–every word except anywhere

Anywhere stands out. Literally, it interrupts the cadence of the story. And for years, it’s been our reminder to make the mundane magical.

Anywhere are experimental spaces that inspire, connect, and empower others. We've run them now for four years–in warehouses in San Francisco, in apartments in Sao Paulo, and under the stars in the jungles of Kilifi. And they all have a few things in common: they build psychological safety through story, encourage collaboration, and accelerate change by unlocking human potential.

Home is the people we can’t live without. That’s not space-specific.
— Mark Magellan